Where to eat in Florence

Where to eat in Florence on a budget

where to eat in the center of Florence
Piazza Signoria sandwich
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Schiacciata Florence center
Schiacciata Piazza Signoria
Ponte Vecchio sandwich
Schiacciata Ponte Vecchio
Wine and Schiacciata Ponte Vecchio
Ponte Vecchio sandwich and wine

Raw Materials

tradition and excellence
tradition and excellence

Cured meat


Slow cooking, natural, dairy-free and gluten-free. Slow cooking on low temperature preserves the noble proteins of the meat, which is softer and tastier. Ideal for children or those who simply love to eat healthy.

Dry cured ham

Completely Italian leg of pork, aged for at least 12-14 months, gluten-free and lactose-free. With a savory but not salty taste, it is the cured meat that goes best with others ingredients.

Mortadella Bologna IGP

The typical scent of Bologna mortadella is immediately recognizable! It comes from the selection of the best Italian pork, combined with a unique mix of spices and natural flavors, cooked in special stoves dry air where it must reach 70 ° C at the core. This allows for a substantial reduction of the fat part which is however mainly composed of monounsaturated fatty acids, those better for our body.

Finocchiona IGP

The origin dates back to the Middle Ages when the butchers, to make up for the use of the rarer and more expensive pepper black, they thought of adding fennel seeds, very common in Tuscany. Each finocchiona producer passes on his special recipe from generation to generation, but always respecting the tradition that wants a dough made with the best cuts pork and a spice based on fennel seeds or flowers, garlic, salt and pepper. All macerated in Tuscan red wine.

Tuscan Salami

Unlike other types of salami, the Tuscan one is characterized by a mixture with a higher percentage of lean meats, selected exclusively from the pork shoulder. The fat part, on the other hand, is made up of cubes of fine back lard. La parte grassa, invece, è costituita da cubetti di lardo pregiato di schiena.

Rolled pancetta

Product prepared using the pig’s belly which, after careful salting, is lightly flavored with rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper, then rolled up, tied and hung on season for about 3 months. It has a very pleasant, slightly spicy scent. This cured meat finds its exaltation if finely sliced and placed on bread or hot flatbread: a real triumph of aromas and flavors.

Bresaola “punta d’anca” IGP

From the finest cut of beef, the tip of the hip, the delicious Bresaola from Valtellina IGP is born. The processing takes place with the addition of minimal doses of salt and natural flavors. The period of maturing from 4 to 8 weeks in the dry climate of the high mountains, which gives the product its unmistakable features.
Bresaola is a very nutritious cured meat, low in fat, rich in proteins, iron and mineral salts. For this reason it is often present in slimming diets and in those of sportsmen.


Roast pork log produced with artisanal methods. For our handcrafted porchetta one only uses Italian pigs fed with natural cereals and without antibiotics. It is obtained from the central part of the pig (bustier) which includes loin, bacon and rosticciana in one block that is boned, stuffed, rolled and baked in the oven for several hours until the crunchy crust that enhances the flavor.


Tuscan Pecorino DOP

Made with only whole sheep’s milk, Tuscan Pecorino DOP cheese is characterized by its sweet and aromatic flavor , never savory or spicy, which goes well with our cured meats. Nutrition of sheep is mainly based on the use of natural pastures, meadows and grass, integrated with natural fodder and feed.


Very fresh cheese with a soft and creamy texture, with a delicate taste with a note sweet in which the natural flavor of fresh milk is perceived. It is a cheese that provides a certain quantity of high biological quality proteins, calcium and vitamins.

Mozzarella ( “fior di latte “)

Spun curd dairy product made with cow’s milk of Italian origin. It takes its name from the “Cutting” performed to separate the individual pieces from the dough.

Smoked Provola or Mozzarella

It is a spun paste dairy product typical of Campania region, particularly appreciated for its intense flavor due to a specific smoking process with the burnt wet straw that gives it the unmistakable taste and characteristic color.


It is a fresh stretched curd dairy product typical of Puglia, Basilicata and Molise regions, known mostly as a soft filling of the famous burrata. Stracciatella is made from stretched curd “Shredded” by hand and added with fresh cream that makes it creamy. The flavor is instead savory, delicate and sweet